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No Highways for Old Men

I had the chance to go back and rewatch the Mad Max movie trilogy this summer. While Road Warrior is by far the best, the Mad Max world and characters are refreshingly original and beg to be gamed. My first step was to really do the analysis on how to run a Mad Max table […]

Update: Terriers TV Show

I love the Terriers TV show.  Soup to nuts, Donal Logue to Michael Raymond-James and the rest, from Ted Griffin to Shawn Ryan to Tim Minear (who always seems to have a hand in great shows, say like… Firefly).  So I’m currently writing my next “Gaming the Movies” column on Terriers, jammin’ to Robert Duncan’s […]

Coming Up

Time for a quick status report on what Dragonlaird Gaming has been up to. Jim’s column in the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine is going strong.  He submitted columns on Johnny Mnemonic and the 13th Warrior recently.  The column on Burn Notice is still pending publication and he’s polishing up one on The Wild […]

Book Review: Burn Notice: The Fix

After writing one of my Gaming the Movies columns on the TV Show Burn Notice, I had to try out the Burn Notice novels.  I took advantage of the discount you get in the DVD set of Season 2 of the show and ordered The Fix and The End Game.  The Fix came out first […]

Update: Free “Gaming the Movies” Column Posted

Hey fans, I finally got a full bonus column posted to the site so you can get a taste of what the published column is like in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine.  I review the movie Wanted from 2008 with Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and James McAvoy and describe how to create an RPG […]

Update: August 2009

Summer is coming to a close and I’m ready for some football weather. Here are the recent developments at Dragonlaird Gaming… New Series of Serenity Articles – I’ve got a nine-part series of Serenity articles in development that should start being posted in early September. Gaming the Movies – I just turned in my latest […]

Update: July 2009

Time to catch folks up on recent developments here at Dragonlaird Gaming… 2009 Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement – I was one of five adventure authors who created the Serenity Adventures book that won the fan voting this year at the Origins Convention. A proud moment for me and the team at Margaret Weis […]