Coming Up

Time for a quick status report on what Dragonlaird Gaming has been up to.

  1. Jim’s column in the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine is going strong.  He submitted columns on Johnny Mnemonic and the 13th Warrior recently.  The column on Burn Notice is still pending publication and he’s polishing up one on The Wild Geese.  It’s hard to predict what corners of the film world Jim will come up with a unique gaming experience.
  2. Jim is also working on completion of an RPG Supplement for the Bards and Sages company called Adventure Havens: Temples.  A total of 12 ready-to-go temple concepts with NPCs and story hooks along with a general section on enriching religion in your fantasy campaigns will be a PDF publication.
  3. The Soul of Serenity concept got derailed but it is still planned for publication here in the blog.  The concept is to examine each of the nine members of the Serenity crew and understand how they enriched the ‘Verse gaming world, what story elements they introduced, how they contributed to the ensemble, and what other lessons gamers can take from them.  Once Jim has time to re-watch the series (purely as research mind you ;) ), we’ll start publishing those articles here.

Outside of the freelancing work, we’re playing Savage Worlds with the home team (the Columbus Gaming Group, going strong for 20+ years).  We’ve moved into a mode of short, modular adventures with a team of PCs where different people can GM different nights and their PC is just not there for that adventure.  We’re playing in Sean Patrick Fannon’s Shaintar campaign world as Gray Rangers in the Wildlands.

Cheers to the fans and drop us a comment to let us know what you’re up to or what articles you might like to see here on Dragonlaird Gaming’s site.

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