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Dragonlaird Gaming Logo

Dragonlaird Gaming is the imprint or the work of Jim Davenport, award-winning game designer and freelance writer.

Jim has been gaming for over 25 years now and it has never lost its appeal. He has served as game master for his one or more groups of his friends for most of that time and the GM’s chair is where he feels at home. Even with other parts of life demanding their due attention, he finds time to run one or two Play-by-Post games and a live table game every other week.

He is also a writer and has been writing outside of gaming for nearing twenty years. From 1992 to 2000 he was publisher of U.S. Scots, an international magazine about Scottish-American culture. It was a quarterly publication which usually had an article of his in it along with freelance writers.

In 2005, he established Dragonlaird Gaming for the gaming-related work he has been doing. He’s been published numerous times in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine and is currently the resident movie columnist for that publication in writing Gaming the Movies. He has also been working closely with Margaret Weis Productions on their Serenity and Battlestar Galactica lines as well as the core Cortex Engine rules system.

Jim is open to writing for other gaming periodicals or game publishers. He’s always ready to discuss someone’s particular needs and determine the kind of content they are looking to have created. He can produce quickly and with quality. Drop us an email if you’d like to discuss an opportunity.