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Coming Up

Time for a quick status report on what Dragonlaird Gaming has been up to. Jim’s column in the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine is going strong.  He submitted columns on Johnny Mnemonic and the 13th Warrior recently.  The column on Burn Notice is still pending publication and he’s polishing up one on The Wild […]

Serenity Articles : Reach for the Sky

Someone asked me about my Reach for the Sky play-by-post game. In particular, they were interested in its origins during the Unification War. I thought it would make a good opportunity to lay out the concept. If it someday becomes a full-fledged adventure module, all the better. So, the name. Reach for the Sky has […]

Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 5

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on 10/1/2006) Our September 24th session got delayed until tomorrow night (October 2nd) so I’ve got some more time to prep and review what I’ve planned so far. Let’s review my open work items. Review the advice from my article in the double-sized issue #100 of Knights of the Dinner Table […]

Creative Gamemaster’s Workshop: Painting the Big Picture

(Originally published on www.dragonlairdgaming.com) It’s been awhile since I opened the door to the Creative Gamemaster’s Workshop, so I thought I’d take care of some suggestions I’ve gotten since last year. The most popular question I’ve received asks about how to create campaign plots and multi-adventure arcs to bring another layer of interest to a […]