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Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 6

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on Jan 21, 2007) Well, we ended the mini-campaign on the 8th of January in pretty good style. The long arc of the opening of a new planet, Columbiana, came to fruition. I’d prepared to use the “El Dorado” from the core rulebook as the place where Bruno Franco had hidden […]

Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 5

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on 10/1/2006) Our September 24th session got delayed until tomorrow night (October 2nd) so I’ve got some more time to prep and review what I’ve planned so far. Let’s review my open work items. Review the advice from my article in the double-sized issue #100 of Knights of the Dinner Table […]

Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 4

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on 9/18/2009) Okay, this time I’m going to be better prepared for my next session of the Flying Pig mini-campaign. Let’s review. Two of six sessions down, they’ve gotten refueled, gotten a job to Verbena, and learned what value their surprise cargo (survey data on Columbiana) has. But it’s never easy. […]

Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 3

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on 9/11/2006) I could say that I did it as an object lesson for my column but its just reality. I’d gotten only so far in my prep (see the column from 9/4/06), ran out of time and just ran the session. We had fun, but I didn’t have the focus […]

Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 2

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on 9/4/2006) So my mini-Serenity campaign has begun. After getting set up with the Ohio Game, we’ve begun the gaming table sessions. The first table session was August 14th. The Ohio Game was like a major motion picture and now I’m doing a mini-series continuation of it. If my players enjoy […]

Design Diary: Flying Pig Campaign 1

(Originally published on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on 8/19/2009) Let’s start out with the basics. If you’ve read this site at all, you know I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon’s Serenity universe and got to help make an RPG out of it last year. It took me a year after publication to start my own live campaign, […]