Update: Terriers TV Show

I love the Terriers TV show.  Soup to nuts, Donal Logue to Michael Raymond-James and the rest, from Ted Griffin to Shawn Ryan to Tim Minear (who always seems to have a hand in great shows, say like… Firefly).  So I’m currently writing my next “Gaming the Movies” column on Terriers, jammin’ to Robert Duncan’s Gunfight Epiphany (the theme song), and hoping it gets renewed for next year.  These 12-episode seasons are just way too short but hopefully it will make it more affordable for F/X to renew.

Anyway, I’ve already put up a page of bonus content which is copied from and copyright of the Terriers F/X Official Website.  I captured it so it wouldn’t be lost whenever they take down the official show page on their site.

Catch an episode of Terriers on F/X while they’re running reruns and get ready to game it when my column runs in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine.


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