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When Facebook Eats the Moon, We’ll Know It Went Too Far

Hey gang, just wanted to let everyone know that Facebook no longer echoes blog posts into their own stream of postings. So my posts here on my site don’t get the same exposure as those on the Facebook page. While this will remain the best place to see what I’ve been up to with Dragonlaird […]

Update: Terriers TV Show

I love the Terriers TV show. ┬áSoup to nuts, Donal Logue to Michael Raymond-James and the rest, from Ted Griffin to Shawn Ryan to Tim Minear (who always seems to have a hand in great shows, say like… Firefly). ┬áSo I’m currently writing my next “Gaming the Movies” column on Terriers, jammin’ to Robert Duncan’s […]

Update: August 2009

Summer is coming to a close and I’m ready for some football weather. Here are the recent developments at Dragonlaird Gaming… New Series of Serenity Articles – I’ve got a nine-part series of Serenity articles in development that should start being posted in early September. Gaming the Movies – I just turned in my latest […]

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

…to new offerings here on Dragonlaird Gaming. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds (found at the bottom of all pages) or join the site and leave your comments directly on the articles and posts. Click the “open” link in the upper right of the screen. It will reveal a control panel of sorts and […]