Update: August 2009

Summer is coming to a close and I’m ready for some football weather. Here are the recent developments at Dragonlaird Gaming…

  1. New Series of Serenity Articles – I’ve got a nine-part series of Serenity articles in development that should start being posted in early September.
  2. Gaming the Movies – I just turned in my latest submission for my movie column in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine by Kenzer & Company. I did branch out into TV Series but I started with The Shield. I’ve watched the first two seasons and came up with a lot good information and ideas. I’ll be posting “bonus content” to go along with the column here on Dragonlaird Gaming. Send me your nominations of movies and TV series to be reviewed.
  3. Gaming the Movies II – To give folks a taste of Gaming the Movies if you haven’t seen it in an issue of Knights of the Dinner Tables, in September I’ll be writing a web-only column on a new movie or TV series. Watch for it by registering here on www.dragonlairdgaming.com
  4. Results of the 17th Annual Ohio Game – The Ohio Game went very well. We had teams of 3 or 4 players who ran through my Serenity/Horror adventure called Heart of Darkness. I’m editing and revising it and hope to have it available here on the site soon.

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