More info for Gaming the Movies

My monthly column on how to play various movies as RPGs is a year old now and going strong.  But every time I write up a movie (or television series) I end up with information that didn’t fit in the column or was too detailed.  I’ve started a section here on Dragonlaird Gaming where I’ll be putting supplementary information for the columns.  It’ll take me a few weeks to go back and fill it in for all the previous columns, but you should be able to find additional web links, sample characters, ideas for setting/trappings/props, more adventure ideas, etc.

I think this will give readers from Knights of the Dinner Table magazine a nice extra for the column they read in the magazine.

I’m also planning on writing an extra column to post here so visitors can see what one of them is like. 

If I’ve covered your favorite movie already, you can pick up single back issues at KenzerCo.  If I haven’t, leave a comment here and let me know what movie or television series you’d like to see me take on.


Cheers, Jim

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