Book Review: Burn Notice: The Fix

After writing one of my Gaming the Movies columns on the TV Show Burn Notice, I had to try out the Burn Notice novels.  I took advantage of the discount you get in the DVD set of Season 2 of the show and ordered The Fix and The End Game.  The Fix came out first so I’m starting with that.

The author, Tod Goldberg, has done a very good job of capturing the voices of Michael, Sam, Fiona, Madeline, etc. as well as the pace and content of a Burn Notice episode.  You get a little bit more background on them here and there but nothing that couldn’t have popped up as an aside in a future episode.  Some of Michael’s comments to the viewers are more lengthy than a TV show would allow, but all in all, the feel is remarkably similar.

So if you’re looking to the novels to be different or more or better than the show, they won’t be that.  You won’t see characters change much if at all, which is a hallmark of most long-running stylish TV series.   You expect Michael to be snarky, Fiona to be hot-tempered, and Sam to be, well, let’s just say Sam.

If you just need your fix for new Burn Notice stuff before new episodes air, I think the Fix does just fine.

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