Update: July 2009

Time to catch folks up on recent developments here at Dragonlaird Gaming…

  1. 2009 Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement – I was one of five adventure authors who created the Serenity Adventures book that won the fan voting this year at the Origins Convention. A proud moment for me and the team at Margaret Weis Productions led by Jamie Chambers.
  2. Gaming the Movies – My movie column in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine by Kenzer & Company is going strong. I just turned in my 12th column (Ghostbusters) and I’m planning my second year of target movies. I’m also going to evaluate some TV shows, probably starting with Burn Notice. Is there a movie you’d like advice on how to run an RPG in that world? A TV series? Tag a comment here and let me know.
  3. Embracing Technology – In addition to the makeover of my website, I’ve been embracing internet tools in order to include an old friend into my live gaming group. He was one of the founders but has been living out of state for several years. Now through the power of Skype, Maptools, and webcams, it’s almost like having him at the table again, which is a real pleasure.
  4. 17th Annual Ohio Game – Once again, friends from around Ohio are coming back to Columbus for a one-day tournament game. We’ve been doing this for 16 years now (we did two one year) and it is a great tradition. New players come from groups our members have started in their new locations. Lately we’ve needed two table to handle the number of players. I’m pleased that my son has been playing in the Ohio Games for several years now. This year is a Serenity adventure with a horror twist. Since some of my players are watching my website, I’ll have to wait until August to post my Design Diary on the adventure, as well as the adventure itself. That is, if anyone is interested in getting a free copy. ;)
  5. The Future – After experiencing Origins again this year, I’m pretty pumped for pushing my game and my freelancing career to new heights, new places. I had conversations with the guys at Savage Worlds at the con as well as played in a thoroughly enjoyable demo game run by Chaos Steve. I’m planning on sending them some work to try to join the team there. Out of Margaret Weis Productions comes Signal Fire Studios, Jamie Chambers’ and Cam Banks’ RPG and Card game creative house. I hope there is more opportunities with their future projects. And there were other contacts made at the con. We’ll see what happens next.

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