No Highways for Old Men

I had the chance to go back and rewatch the Mad Max movie trilogy this summer. While Road Warrior is by far the best, the Mad Max world and characters are refreshingly original and beg to be gamed.

My first step was to really do the analysis on how to run a Mad Max table top RPG and I wrote the latest Gaming the Movies column on the trilogy. The prospects of a Mad Max game really had me energized so I committed to run a pair of games based on the movies at a local convention, Con on the Cob. The games were called “No Highways for Old Men” and were run with the Savage Worlds rules system.

The games ran very well so I went a step further. I’ve written the adventure up for publication in a future issue of Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. In support of that adventure article, I am posting the eight pre-generated Mad Max game characters that were used at the convention. You may recognize some of the character photos or even character concepts. :)

With the pre-gens and the adventure, you’re all set to have a grimy Mad Max adventure in the wastelands of the Australian Outback. Enjoy!

One Eye

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