40th Gaming the Movies Column!

It was June 2008 when I sat down with Jolly Blackburn at the Origins convention. When we agreed to have me start a column in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine about analyzing movies for how to play them as an RPG, I didn’t know how long it might go. To be submitting my fortieth column (Boondock Saints) almost five years later is just amazing to me. To be part of KenzerCo’s Knights of the Dinner Table phenomenon is really very special.

My first article in the magazine was in Issue #100 back in 2005 (All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Firefly). It really opened doors for me and I’ve been blessed to have a nice little freelancing career ever since. My next piece for the magazine will appear in #200 and I’m very psyched!

2 Responses to “40th Gaming the Movies Column!”

  1. zerombr

    for a game like Mr. Selfridge, or even other social based games, I recommend the game engine ‘A Dirty World’ it is film noir based, and is very impressive for social combat

  2. Jim Davenport

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to find a copy. Jim