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Savage Characters Volume 1 Reviewed at Throat Punch Games

Throat Punch Games is a blog providing reviews and fresh content on daily basis (on average). They were kind enough to give Savage Characters Volume 1 a read and posted their Positive Review.

Savage Characters and New Projects

Greetings Dragonlaird Gaming Fans, After the successful launch of my product line with Savage Characters Volume 1, I’ve been focusing on promoting the product and planning follow-on activities. I’d appreciate any additional buzz that can be generated or leads I can follow up with to obtain more exposure for the product. It is very high […]

Cover Finalized. Savage Characters Volume One Coming Soon!

Heather Miller has gotten pretty far with the layout of Savage Characters Volume One. Hoping to publish it to DriveThruRPG in August.

A Sneak Peek at Dragonlaird Gaming’s Savage Settings

I’ve posted teasers for each of the four settings under development here at Dragonlaird Gaming. Give them a look and let me know what you think. We’ve got: Dark Ages and Dragon Gods: A faltering Roman Empire is saved by a dragon who sets itself up as their new god. Orcs press westward, a boy […]

No Highways for Old Men

I had the chance to go back and rewatch the Mad Max movie trilogy this summer. While Road Warrior is by far the best, the Mad Max world and characters are refreshingly original and beg to be gamed. My first step was to really do the analysis on how to run a Mad Max table […]

A New Savage Worlds Edge

In many episodic television shows, one of the characters has a convenient plot device to bring in just the right bit of expertise. Rick Castle (Castle) has friends from researching previous books. Sam Axe (Burn Notice) has friends from his many years in the military. It is a standard trope and useful in role-playing games […]

Free Savage Serenity Adventure Posted

Last summer I wrote a Serenity adventure using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rule set called The Price of Success. I ran it twice for friends and now four times at the recently concluded Origins convention here in Columbus, Ohio. After making several tweaks and improvements, I’ve posted it as a free Savage Worlds Fan adventure […]

Dragonlaird Gaming gearing up for Origins 2012!

Apologies for the several month quiet period here at the sprawling campus of Dragonlaird Gaming but things have not been at a stand-still. I’ve got two major pushes coming to fruition and a third just (re-)beginning. 1) I’ve been working with Josh Minto of Minto Illustrations and Savage Worlds veteran Simon Lucas (Board Game Geek […]

Savaged Serenity Characters! Simon and River Tam

Characters #8 and #9 of my Savage World takes on the Serenity crew. It’s a two-fer, the brother and sister on the lam, the tongue-tied doctor and tetchy savant. (These are free of charge (M*tant En*my please don’t sue) and using the Fan version of the Savage Worlds license. You will need the Savage Worlds […]

Savaged Serenity Characters! Inara Serra

Character #7 of my Savage World takes on the Serenity crew. A beautiful Companion and faithful crew member. (These are free of charge (M*tant En*my please don’t sue) and using the Fan version of the Savage Worlds license. You will need the Savage Worlds rule book to use the characters (and hey, they have an […]