Dragonlaird Gaming gearing up for Origins 2012!

Apologies for the several month quiet period here at the sprawling campus of Dragonlaird Gaming but things have not been at a stand-still. I’ve got two major pushes coming to fruition and a third just (re-)beginning.

1) I’ve been working with Josh Minto of Minto Illustrations and Savage Worlds veteran Simon Lucas (Board Game Geek Page) who has worked on almost every Savage Worlds product out there, on a new Savage Worlds product. We’re in the stage of getting licensing approval, but I hope to have a sample version of the product with me when I go to…

2) Origins 2012! Once again, one of the top gaming conventions in the U.S. is being held in my current home town, Columbus, Ohio. I’ve gone steadily since 2005 when I was on the Serenity RPG development team and always have a great time. This year I’ll be running a Savage Worlds Serenity adventure called “The Price of Success” in four time slots including Savage Saturday Night. I’ve run the scenario twice with local gamers and I think players will have a lot of fun with it. Stop by one of my games or catch me at Savage Saturday Night.

3) Gaming the Movies. This well-received series of columns in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine has reached 34 entries. After a semi-hiatus over the last year, I’ll be renewing my activities with KODT either with a continuation of the GtM series or with direct Gamemastering articles of general interest. Drop a comment if you’d like to see one more than the other, or if there is a favorite movie/TV show you have in mind that I haven’t covered in the column to date.



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