A Sneak Peek at Dragonlaird Gaming’s Savage Settings

I’ve posted teasers for each of the four settings under development here at Dragonlaird Gaming. Give them a look and let me know what you think. We’ve got:

Dark Ages and Dragon Gods: A faltering Roman Empire is saved by a dragon who sets itself up as their new god. Orcs press westward, a boy king takes the Gaulish throne, and the Fey races are challenged to emerge from their homes in the Black Forest and Alps.

Haunted West: Magic and Supernatural Science challenge explorers and treasure-hunters in the Early American West.

Soul Crimes: What happens when gangsters running a thoroughly corrupt New York City start facing true Evil from Beyond?

Theta Ships and Iron Men: The Brits discovered our way to the stars and the Royal Stellar Navy now deal handle diplomacy and trade with beautiful and ugly alien races, protecting human colonies, and fighting across the stars.

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