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DLG One Sheets… coming soon!

The minions in the DLG Studios have been busy at more than our Gaming the Movies column in Knight of the Dinner Table Magazine and writing adventures for other settings. We’re creating a line of Savage Worlds “One Sheet” adventures: 2-3 page quick adventures suitable for a night of play or a convention slot. The first four adventures will highlight the DLG Settings first introduced in our Savage Characters, Volume 1.

Last Flight Out – Set in the swashbuckling future of Theta Ships and Iron Men, the crew of a system ship must do everything they can to get spaceborne and reach a Theta Ship before they get stranded on the planet for the rest of their lives.

Come to the Festival – In 1969, the Woodstock Festival gathered 400,000 people together for days of music, drugs, free-thinking, and maybe just a demonic summoning the size the world has never seen. Can our ‘off-duty’ mobsters realize what is happening and put a stop to demons muscling in on their territory? Set in Demon Streets and Made Men where the only ones to stop the evil are the bad guys.

Fall of Alexandria – The Dragon God in Rome is determined to destroy the stores of knowledge in Aegyptian Alexandria. Can our heroes survive the decimation of a city to find and protect the secrets to bringing down the Dragon God? Set in Dark Ages and Dragon Gods.

On the Trail – Sometimes the hardest thing is just to get from A to B. Our posse has to get to Blackwater but first they run into a wagon trail in trouble. Set in Sixguns & Ghost Lands.

Latest work published through Adamant Entertainment

Greetings, fans!

While the Dragonlaird might be sluggish, work never stops here at DLG design studio. This week, Adamant Entertainment published Count Shadau, part of their Thrilling Tales Villains collection. You can grab a copy for your pulp Savage Worlds campaign for just $2!

Check it out on the Adamant Entertainment site!

Until next time!

2015 Activity at Dragonlaird Gaming

An interesting summary page on the activity here on the blog.

DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale – Get your copy of Savage Characters!

DriveThruRPG is holding its annual Halloween sale from October 26 through November 2. You can get copies of Savage Characters at a nice discount. Good time to buy for the holidays. :)

Savage Characters, Volume 1 Design Diary Published

Hey DLG Fans,

A design diary I wrote about the Savage Characters, Volume 1 has been published in a great e-zine, Savage Insider. I’d appreciate it if you took a look.

Savage Insider V3I2


Savage Characters Volume 1 reviewed at Frugal GM

Many thanks to Chris at Frugal GM for the detailed review and 5 Stars! Couple items to clean up that he caught in the product so should be a new version soon.

Frugal GM Reviews Savage Characters Volume 1.

Dark Ages and Dragon Gods getting more real

Just a quick update. I’ve been spitting my time between three Dragonlaird Gaming projects:

1. Dark Ages and Dragon Gods I – I’ve been working on the setting and preparing for a major one-shot adventure in mid-July. I’m working up pre-gens using Will Herrmann’s Wild Card Creator with the intention that they express some of the good crunch and flavor of the setting. This process has enabled me to review the setting rules and generate some additional background content.

2. Dark Ages and Dragon Gods II – I’ve also been running an on-going play-by-post game in the DADG setting. As always the pace of the game is far slower than I’d like but we’re having fun and I’m using it to flesh out the setting further.

3. 2015 Dragonlaird Gaming Gamemasters Anthology – This is intended to be a cheap or even free book I’ll provide through DriveThruRPG full of Gamemaster advice from myself and other authors. Working through how to make it happen on a limited budget and this is back-burner until the #1 game is over with.

Savage Characters Volume 1 now available at Discount

Participate in DriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day sale by picking up a copy of Savage Characters Volume 1 for yourself, your GM, or your friends.

Savage Characters and New Projects

Greetings Dragonlaird Gaming Fans,

After the successful launch of my product line with Savage Characters Volume 1, I’ve been focusing on promoting the product and planning follow-on activities. I’d appreciate any additional buzz that can be generated or leads I can follow up with to obtain more exposure for the product. It is very high quality and great value for the price.

As follow-ups I’m working on some concepts (short fiction or adventures) in support of the four settings which got their first glimpses in SCV1.

“A Touch of Frost” – an enigmatic patron sends our heroes to the ruins of Greece in search of a key to destroying the Dragon God in Rome. (Dark Ages and Dragon Gods)

“Death Comes to Black Water” – Southern Veterans and survivors of the Civil War brave the hostile and mystical West to hunt down the Union raiders who ruined their lives. The trail leads to the boom town of Black Water which has many secrets of its own. (Ghost Lands and Sixguns)

“Loose Cannons” – New York City is going to Hell, literally. A handful of made men are trying to stop it and now they have to hunt down rogue cops attacking the Families across the city.

“Last Flight Out” – A colony planet is being abandoned. Will a free trader crew with a broken ship be left behind when the Royal Stellar Navy carrier leaves for the last time? (Theta Ships and Iron Men)


Gordon Napier’s Hunting Harriet trailer

DLG Artist Gordon Napier has a trailer out for a motion comic he’s created. Looks like a ton of genre-bending goodness!

Hunting Harriett Trailer