The Art of Negotiation is now available!

When the future of your character is on the line, do you want to leave it down to just one roll?

There are all kinds of negotiation in life… haggling the price for corporate secrets, pleading your case to the King’s court, brokering a peace treaty in time of war, or even bargaining for your soul with the Devil himself. These situations deserve as much spotlight and fun as combat does.

Negotiation is a part of gaming that I’ve always felt was tough to do well. There could always be a conflict between what the rules said and what you wanted to decide for your character. Or the resolution was too brief. Or it was just down to a good or bad roll.

The Art of Negotiation is an optional rule subsystem for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition to make these situations fast, furious, and fun!  It includes rules for performing negotiations, two new hindrances, two new edges and plenty of examples of ways you can use these negotiation rules. It replaces the Social Conflict rules in SWADE for those situations where more drama, stakes, and attention is warranted.

The Art of Negotiation on DriveThruRPG

March 23, 2021 Update: Showcased by Pinnacle! Pinnacle’s Licensor Spotlight

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