Pandemic Year Update

Dragonlaird Gaming has been busy since the last posting though as with everyone the pandemic has disrupted time and attention. We’ve continued our partnership with KenzerCo and Knights of the Dinner Table with more Gaming the Movies articles: The Boys, The Way, Short Cuts, and Locke & Key. We’ve also produced articles for them: 100 Questions to Add Depth to your Character, Apocalypse How, and Deep Dark Secrets.

We’re back to working on material for Savage Worlds, now for the current Adventure Edition. We have an alternative rules sub-system for negotiations that is being prepared for sale as part of the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild on We hope to have that available in the next couple months as we’re ordering art and going through some playtesting.

In parallel, our home group has been playing Blades in the Dark using Roll20 which is an interesting change of pace. Definitely different sorts of “game economies” to manage while creating the narrative story. There might be an opportunity to develop some material for that system or a reskinned version of it. Thoughts are being thought in that direction.

We hope everyone is staying safe, following the recommendations of the medical professionals, and hope we all get to slinging dice together soon… 2021?

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