Quick update…

Hey, quick update. Too much time has passed since my last update (mea culpa). A lot has been going on.

I’ve continued collaborating with SPQR Games, starting a series of adventures, each one focused on a different archetype from the setting. I’ve completed Spy and Assassin so far.

I’ve also been working another setting, SAINTS and Synners, which released a Jumpstart with the release of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. The setting is basically a Suicide Squad Space Opera. I rewrote the JumpStart adventure and playtested it at Origins this year and two more times. I think it is quite a thrill ride.

I published a few articles with High Level Games last year (“3 Keys to Building a Savage Character”, “3 Keys to Taking on a Mastermind”, “3 Key Sources of Disaster”, “3 Ways of Love and Drama”, “4 Ways Battles Get Weird”)

So the writing and gaming continues at Dragonlaird Gaming. I haven’t been publishing new products as I’d expected by now but I am enjoying writing for other settings, writing articles for Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, and running games in my own Dark Ages and Dragon Gods.

Until next time…

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