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Music to Set the Mood

Nothing sets the mood of an adventure or scene more than music.  Swelling violins for an achingly beautiful elven glade… happy dance music for the tavern… drums of warning in the jungle… dark tones of haunting.  But why be too generic? Give your most important places their own theme music.  It works for TV shows […]

Creative Gamemaster’s Workshop: Plot-boarding

Watch almost any cop show on TV in the last forty years and you’ve seen it.  Corkboard, chalkboard, or whiteboard, they all assemble the clues to the murder, pinning up photos of suspects, adding ?s where they know there are connections, keeping the case up to date for all involved.  Makes sense in real life […]

What’s in their Pockets?

I think we’ve all seen the random tables here and there, lists of a hundred useless bits of junk that just slain foes might have in their pockets. Pure flavor text, of course, so often disregarded by players who learn that there isn’t anything of importance except the coins and magic on a fallen foe. I think we can do better than that.