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Corso and Bern – Adventures in Ozymar

I’ve been working on a new (short?) story with two characters I’m quite enjoying.  I thought my faithful followers on my blog or facebook might enjoy reading it serial-style.  The more comments, the faster the next part comes out. Teaser Chapter One – A Cold Winter’s Night Warmth and light in the middle of a […]

What’s in their Pockets?

I think we’ve all seen the random tables here and there, lists of a hundred useless bits of junk that just slain foes might have in their pockets. Pure flavor text, of course, so often disregarded by players who learn that there isn’t anything of importance except the coins and magic on a fallen foe. I think we can do better than that.

Design Diary: Atalban 1

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on Oct 7, 2007) So where have I been for months? Well, various projects have kept me away from DLG but here is one of several new postings. I just completed a campaign started two and a half years ago (Jan 2005). It all started with a few particular concepts that […]