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New Freebie: Targu’s Spit and Flagon – a D&D 3x Tavern

While cleaning up the vaults here at Dragonlaird Gaming I came across a tavern that I’d documented with completed Dungeons & Dragons 3x stats, plot hooks, and more. Why not share it with my fans? Download for Free Cheers! Jim

Design Diary: Azell Valley Campaign 1

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on May 15, 2009) At the beginning of 2009, my home group has lost momentum with our Serenity campaign due to nearly two months of cancelled sessions, holidays, etc. It seemed like a good time to start a new campaign. Huzzah! I was ready to get back to helming a fantasy […]

Design Diary: Azell Valley Campaign 2

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com on June 12, 2009) Four sessions in, the jury is still out about the 4e rule system, but we haven’t abandoned it yet. I think it will probably work out okay. Time will tell if we convert all future campaigns over to it. Momentum will probably get us there. So I […]

Creative Gamemaster’s Workshop: It’s Poetry and Math

(Originally posted on www.dragonlairdgaming.com) Introduction What is it that makes movies so magical? The immersion, the suspension of disbelief, the power of the sights and sounds, often of things never seen or heard before. Roleplaying is all that and you take the reins. No longer the passive observer tied to the fate of a scripted […]