A Day Late and a Dollar Short: the Accountant

My wife and I are avid movie-goers even in the age of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO. There is something about the group experience in the theater, the energy, the big screen, and the popcorn. Can’t do a movie without the popcorn which is also our little way of making sure the theater industry can keep going.

This series of articles will be my movie reviews. We often watch movies at the second-run theater to economize so I don’t think any of my reviews should be considered spoiler-rich because if you haven’t seen the movie after six weeks of release, you’re fair game.

I rate movies by the number of “ticket stubs” (0 to 5) symbolizing if it was good enough to go see again.

The Accountant

Summary: Ben Affleck stars as Christopher Wolff, an autistic accountant who does accounting forensics for some of the worst people on the planet: drug kingpins wanting to know where that extra $100M went but unable to trust anyone in their own organization. Surprisingly he’s also got other crazy skills including being a crack sniper and a martial artist.

Review: (5 out of 5 ticket stubs)

What seems like a premise that is difficult to believe or like a knockoff of Jason Bourne, really comes off solidly in this movie. Wolff’s abilities and his autism are carefully established through flashbacks. Plot twists are prepared early and surprise late so they feel right. Wolff can do many things but also has difficult in social situations and it appears that romance is “undiscovered country” for him.

It really makes me realize how movies are not this well constructed. There is drama, suspense, secrets, and action that all make sense. I’d say 90% of the movies my wife and I see have us talking about them afterward, usually identifying hanging questions or plot holes. We couldn’t find anything wrong with the Accountant and she let me know about a clue that I’d missed while watching it.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone but especially those who like some action in their movie and a plot that never felt like a retread.

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