Dark Ages and Dragon Gods getting more real

Just a quick update. I’ve been spitting my time between three Dragonlaird Gaming projects:

1. Dark Ages and Dragon Gods I – I’ve been working on the setting and preparing for a major one-shot adventure in mid-July. I’m working up pre-gens using Will Herrmann’s Wild Card Creator with the intention that they express some of the good crunch and flavor of the setting. This process has enabled me to review the setting rules and generate some additional background content.

2. Dark Ages and Dragon Gods II – I’ve also been running an on-going play-by-post game in the DADG setting. As always the pace of the game is far slower than I’d like but we’re having fun and I’m using it to flesh out the setting further.

3. 2015 Dragonlaird Gaming Gamemasters Anthology – This is intended to be a cheap or even free book I’ll provide through DriveThruRPG full of Gamemaster advice from myself and other authors. Working through how to make it happen on a limited budget and this is back-burner until the #1 game is over with.

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