Savage Characters, Volume 1 now on sale

After much hard work and the contributions of friends new and old, Dragonlaird Gaming is pleased to announce publication of my first solo project, Savage Characters Volume 1. The journey began with a conversation with a new neighbor who turned out to be a very cool artist. It took many turns along the way from the high of getting license permission from Shane Hensley on the floor of the Origins convention to the grind of orchestrating all the pieces to the finish line.

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I’m very happy to work with the team that I did and acknowledge their vital contributions:
Bart Browne – Theta Ships and Iron Men illustrator
Jesse Griffith – Ghost Lands and Sixguns illustrator
Norm Hensley – Savage Guru
Heather Miller – Layout Queen
Gordon Napier – Dark Ages and Dragon Gods illustrator
Vicki Moon Spiegel – Demon Streets and Made Men illustrator

Without further ado, go out and grab yourself a fresh copy to find out what all the fuss is about.

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