Book Review: Ex-Heroes

Okay, straight out I’ll say that I’m not a big fan of the whole zombie-mania.  I mean 28 Days rocked and the new “Walking Dead” TV series is pretty good too.  Zombie+ClassicLit did NOT work.  So my hopes for Ex-Heroes, a novel crossing superheroes with zombies, were not high.

I was proven dead, er undead, wrong.  Peter Clines’ novel is original and an exciting read.  He has his own original heroes which don’t clone popular existing heroes.  They exist in a world that also has comic books so heroes tease each other about whether or not they could beat Spider-Man.  He is effective in his use of flashbacks to fill in the origins of the heroes and the threads of the plot leading to the current day.  The cause of the zombie outbreak is also explained in a cool way that you never see coming.

I’d give it a great recommendation whether you like zombie or superhero novels.

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