Update: September 2009

So if you can be a day late and a dollar short, am I down two bucks with my September update?

Fall has certainly hit central Ohio with more rain and cool temperatures. I love rain as it makes a sort of sweet spot for writing for me. Just need to leaven it with enough light or it can get depressing.

September was busy here at Dragonlaird Gaming ramping up on some top projects:

  1. A Savage Worlds Audition – My primary focus in September was completing an audition piece for the folks at Talisman Studios (home of Savage Worlds). I wrote a “One Page Adventure” (which was actually 2+ pages) set in their Shaintar fantasy setting. We’ll see if they like my style and want to start working with me.
  2. The Souls of Serenity – Starting with Shepherd Book, I’ll be examining each of the nine members of the Firefly ensemble cast. We’ll look at what we know about the character, what parts of the ‘Verse they bring to life, what role they play in the group, and then some take-aways for role-playing.
  3. Gaming the Movies – The next column published in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine should be Ghostbusters. I’m putting the finishing touches on the next column, an examination of the British TV Series, Rosemary & Thyme.
  4. Gaming the Movies II – I’ve begun to post Bonus Content to the website. So far the Shield has the most extensive content, notes that I took during my research that didn’t make it into the actual column. (I also found out that you can pick up a PDF copy of GURPS Cops at their e23 publishing site for $7.99). I’ll continue to backfill bonus content for previous columns as I get time.
  5. My first TPK – Although I’ve been game mastering for over twenty-five years now, I’d never wiped out a party through combat before. That was changed a couple weeks ago when a cadre of intrepid adventurers met their match in the Keep on the Shadowfell module. I think it is a good thing since they eagerly went into new character creation to go back and beat the module. I’ll have to try offing the whole party again in the future.

Well, that’s all she wrote for September. As always, pass on this blog to a friend and drop me some topics you’d like me to cover in either the Creative Gamemaster’s Workshop, the Gaming the Movies column, or Serenity Articles.


3 Responses to “Update: September 2009”

  1. starwars1138

    Hi Jim,

    I just noticed that you mentioned Savage Worlds here. I’ve been wanting to run a Firefly Savage Worlds campaign for some time but have yet to make it happen. Was curious to know if you managed to work anything out with Sean Fannon at Talisman (was at Talisman… think he’s going to be changing his publishing house for Shaintar) as I’d love to see some of your stuff make it into the Savage Worlds world. Just picked up the Serenity RPG adventures this weekend and wanted tell you that I really enjoyed your work – I think it was the best presented material with regard to the GM! Nicely done!


  2. Jim Davenport

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been in discussion with Sean about Shaintar and hope to be involved in the relaunch this year. I’ve started my own Shaintar campaign with my home group (co-GM’d, shared world style) so I can more easily play-test new stuff.

    I love Serenity/Cortex so Savage Worlds feels great to me as well. I’m exploring a lot of different ways to contribute SW stuff starting in 2010.

    Thanks for the compliments on the Serenity Adventures. I enjoyed working with MWP on that and others. Not sure what the future holds there as they have changed leadership and may be trying to do a lot more ‘in-house’ rather with freelancers like myself. Still, I hope they continue their Serenity licensed work, with or without me. (Though with would be more fun. :) )

  3. starwars1138

    Well any conversion of Serenity/Firefly gaming materials to the SW system would be greatly appreciated by yours truly :)

    I hope you and SPF get something together regarding the relaunch. Shaintar is a huge sandbox with lots of opportunity to expand so it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses. I know Sean mentioned something on the PEGinc forums regarding finalization of agreements and such… here’s to hoping :) We’d love to have you drink the SW kool-aid and join the rest of us!