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(Originally published on on August 24, 2006)

Back before the movie was announced, before the TV soundtrack was released, I put together three CDs of music I thought was Firefly-esque. I find it fascinating that in looking at a couple other lists like this that others have posted, there isn’t any overlap. Firefly has some touchstones musically (western guitar, soaring solo violin) but can really adopt many different flavors. Different moods can be set with music that is more modern (core worlds) vs. more throwback to Civil War era (the Rim). Action sequences can be punctuated by judicious use of electric guitars. All sort of possibilities. I hope this list is helpful to your Serenity game.

NOTE: Any tracks not attributed were dubbed off of the DVD set of the Firefly TV series. Most of these have been made available in better forms on the official TV series soundtrack.

Disc One

Firefly Theme Song (with vocals)

A Unification Bar

Aberdeen – David Goodrich

Inara is Leaving

Hunger – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Love Scene

Iguazu – HBO’s Deadwood Soundtrack

Wayfaring Stranger – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Loved I not Honor More – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

Arriving in Deadwood – HBO’s Deadwood Soundtrack

Leave No Man Behind – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Still – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Heart of Gold Segue

Smoke N’Oakum – Master and Commander Soundtrack

I Wish My Baby Was Born – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Into the Fog – Master and Commander Soundtrack

Wounded Button – Open Range Soundtrack

Card Game – Open Range Soundtrack

In Time – Punisher Soundtrack

Last of the Mohicans – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

Face Off – Open Range Soundtrack

Laudanum Dream – Open Range Soundtrack

Chase Into Atmosphere

Hovercraft Approach

Still Reprise – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

The Man’s Too Strong – Dire Straits

Revenge – Legends of the Fall Soundtrack

Disc Two

Firefly Theme Song (end credits, no vocal)

Vale of Plenty – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Ashokan Farewell – Ken Burns’ Civil War Soundtrack

Ashes to Ashes – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Of the Earth – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Neil Gows Lament – Pete Clark

DVD Montage

Barra Barra – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Jim & Geoffrey’s Visit to the Highlands – Christine Fraser Ramsey

J’attends – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Mogadishu Blues – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

The Cuckold Comes out of the Amery – Master and Commander Soundtrack

Moody Interlude

Synchrotone – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Tribal War – Blackhawk Down Soundtrack

Am I Born to Die – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Strathgarry Set – Pete Clark

Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

The Doldrums – Master and Commander Soundtrack

Great High Mountain – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Man of Constant Sorrow – Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Soundtrack

Disc Three

Firefly Pilot End Credits

Far Side of the World – Master and Commander Soundtrack

Theme from Deadwood – HBO’s Deadwood Soundtrack

You Will Be My Ain True Love – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

The Battle – Master and Commander Soundtrack

The Cuckoo – Cold Mountain Soundtrack

Native Funeral – HBO’s Deadwood Soundtrack

Accidentals of the West – David Goodrich

Ride Across the River – Dire Straits

The Courier – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

I Will Find You – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

New Old Joe – David Goodrich

Promentory – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

Going Home – Gods and Generals Soundtrack

Folk Medley – Master and Commander Soundtrack

The Phasmid – Master and Commander Soundtrack

Lonesome Valley – Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Soundtrack

Spooks on the Hill – Open Range Soundtrack

Wagon Wheel – Open Range Soundtrack

The Kiss – Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

Man of Constant Sorrow (instrumental) – Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Soundtrack

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  1. admin

    UPDATE: Here are a few more suggestions supplied by Dragonlaird Gaming Fan, Theresa.

    Bluegrass/Country: Chieftains – Down the Old Plank Road
    Asian: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Soundtrack
    Asian: Princess Mononoke
    Asian: Taiko Drum Ensemble
    Space: Fifth Element Soundtrack
    Reavers: Bram Stoker’s Dracula Soundtrack, Track 12 has lots of creepy sounds and screaming.
    Thanks, Theresa!