Origins Award

Big Damn Heroes Handbook

2009: Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement: Big Damn Heroes Handbook
Jim Davenport co-wrote this expansion of the Serenity RPG.  The original Serenity Role Playing Game has sold more than 25,000 copies in print and has continued to draw in more fans to gaming with the Cortex System rules for over three years. The Big Damn Heroes Handbook is an expansion to the Serenity Role Playing Game, and offers new information useful to both players and Game Masters, and includes everything from additional rules, to storytelling advice and alternate campaign models, to more information about characters from the ‘Verse-including those familiar to fans and new ones that can be used to surprise the players. It also includes new and creative ways to swear in Chinese! The rest of the writing team included Cam Banks, Jennifer Brozek, Nathan Rockwood, Clark Valentine, Tony Lee, and Jason Durall.

KODT Shout Out

2008: A Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine Shout Out
One of the most coveted honors in all of gaming, Jim earned this shout out from Jolly Blackburn for the work he’s done for the magazine

Serenity RPG

2005: Origins Gamer’s Choice Award for Best RPG of the Year: Serenity RPG
Jim Davenport was one of the designers of the Serenity RPG, working with such luminaries as Jamie Chambers, Tracy Hickman, Tony Lee, Andrew Peregrine, Nathaniel C.J.S. Rockwood, Lester Smith, Christopher Thrash, James M. Ward, and Margaret Weis. In addition to contributing to the rules design that would eventually become the Cortex System, Jim wrote the Gamemastering chapter of the book.