Progress on Savage Characters!

I finished the “Haunted West” section and have it in the hands of my team for editing, artwork, and Norm-alization. With the new Locations section, we learn a little more about the town of Miasma Springs, the Native spiritual haven called the High Ground, and the mountain lair of Gustavus Klepf, the mad inventor.

I found that creating five characters whose story lines criss-crossed gave me a lot of adventure hook ideas. If the GM so desired, the five Haunted West characters could be the background of a mini-Plot Point campaign themselves.

So with one of the four sections done, I’m planning on getting myself in gear and getting the “Olde World Revealed” section done next. Should be fun. Who doesn’t love our Earth but where it’s the Roman Draconic Church in 1300?

While getting Savage Characters Volume 1 into the PDF marketplace by the end of the year is my deadline, I hope to sprinkle with some free goodies tied into the product like a free character, a mini-adventure, or a piece of fiction exploring one of the four DLG settings.


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