Say Hello to the Third Herd!

Nine Tour of Darkness pre-gen characters have been posted representing a squad. These boys are fresh ‘in country’ and are 0xp (5xp for Lincoln). These could be used quite easily with the upcoming “Welcome to the Nam” adventure I’m getting proofed for posting by Pinnacle Entertainment as a freebie for Savage Worlds.

Lt. Bill Chaney
PFC Anthony Karloff
PFC Chris Lee
PFC Jim Hitchcock
PFC Joe Campbell
PFC Lincoln Lugosi
PFC Marco Romero
PFC Myron Price
PFC Tommy Craven

4 Responses to “Say Hello to the Third Herd!”

  1. 001

    PFC Lincoln isn’t available for downloading.
    Could you try to fix it.
    Tks & Rgds,

  2. Jim Davenport

    Found the URL error. Now fixed. Thanks for letting me know. Jim

  3. 001

    No news regarding release of “Welcome to the Nam”?
    Tks & Rgds,

  4. Jim Davenport

    Welcome to the Nam is still in review. I’m hoping to submit it to Pinnacle to post as a free adventure soon.