Alert! Save the Terriers TV Show

Okay, you heard it here first.  If Terriers is resurrected after being cancelled today, y’all have me to thank.  That’s right, I started the online petition to have FX Networks give the series more time.  Please stop by and help us save great writing:

And no, Terriers is not a dog reality show.  One of the flaws of the marketing of the show is letting them keep the name Terriers which apparently confused a lot of people.  Face it, if I didn’t know what it was and saw it in the TV listings, I’d never think hip comedy-drama noir in sunny southern California with Donal Logue in it.

I love this show.  As you can see from my previous posts, I’m finishing up a column on it right now. Great writing, characters who have really hooked me, gripping storylines, layered mysteries.  And they ended the damn show on a cliffhanger for Pete’s sake! (Actual pantheon of the deity Pete has not been determined as of press time)

So help me out and take a second to sign the petition.  I made it very easy to do.

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