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Bonus Setting Rules and Errata for Savage Characters Volume 1

Greetings DLG fans and supporters!

We have now posted a document to support our Savage Characters Volume 1 product. There are a couple minor pieces of errata in there but we’ve also added some Setting Rules from as-yet-unpublished Dark Ages and Dragon Gods Setting Book. Since some of the characters in the DADG part of the book have either the “Blooded” edge or the “Raised as an…” edge, we decided to provide full descriptions of the Racial Abilities and the options under the Raised as an… Edge.

Grab your copy as a free download.

Guild of Shadows Adventures available on DriveThruRPG

I had the opportunity to write three thief-oriented adventures for Mat Greenfield’s Guild of Shadows setting for Savage Worlds all set in the setting’s main city of Kurstwahl. I’m proud to have been a part of this endeavor as I believe that Mat brings fresh blood and imagination into the classic Thieves Guild structure of a fantasy campaign setting. Bringing it to life using my favorite game system, Savage Worlds, makes the setting easy to pick up and have fun with straight away.

The Campaign Guide as well as the individual adventures and other high quality support materials are available on DriveThruRPG and I recommend that you check them out.

Savage Characters Volume 1 Reviewed at Throat Punch Games

Throat Punch Games is a blog providing reviews and fresh content on daily basis (on average). They were kind enough to give Savage Characters Volume 1 a read and posted their Positive Review.

Savage Characters Volume 1 now available at Discount

Participate in DriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day sale by picking up a copy of Savage Characters Volume 1 for yourself, your GM, or your friends.

Savage Characters and New Projects

Greetings Dragonlaird Gaming Fans,

After the successful launch of my product line with Savage Characters Volume 1, I’ve been focusing on promoting the product and planning follow-on activities. I’d appreciate any additional buzz that can be generated or leads I can follow up with to obtain more exposure for the product. It is very high quality and great value for the price.

As follow-ups I’m working on some concepts (short fiction or adventures) in support of the four settings which got their first glimpses in SCV1.

“A Touch of Frost” – an enigmatic patron sends our heroes to the ruins of Greece in search of a key to destroying the Dragon God in Rome. (Dark Ages and Dragon Gods)

“Death Comes to Black Water” – Southern Veterans and survivors of the Civil War brave the hostile and mystical West to hunt down the Union raiders who ruined their lives. The trail leads to the boom town of Black Water which has many secrets of its own. (Ghost Lands and Sixguns)

“Loose Cannons” – New York City is going to Hell, literally. A handful of made men are trying to stop it and now they have to hunt down rogue cops attacking the Families across the city.

“Last Flight Out” – A colony planet is being abandoned. Will a free trader crew with a broken ship be left behind when the Royal Stellar Navy carrier leaves for the last time? (Theta Ships and Iron Men)


Press Release for Savage Characters Volume 1


Dragonlaird Gaming presents Savage Characters Volume 1

RPGs and Savage Worlds are all about the characters. Whether you’re a Gamemaster or a Player, there are times you need some inspiration. Savage Characters Volume 1 brings you twenty fully developed, rich characters to inspire your adventures and campaigns.

There are five characters in each of four Dragonlaird Gaming settings which can easily be used in similar genres: Fantasy, Haunted West, Modern Horror, and Space Opera.Each character is presented with a full body color portrait, history and description, stats including a complete 100 point build ladder, and five adventure hooks, one for each rank. The characters have ties together you can leverage whether they are allies or enemies. In addition to the characters there is a teaser for each setting walking through some of the key aspects of the setting and the flavor of it. This includes a large piece of art and several detailed locations ripe for adventures and scenes.

The product is available for reviews and the author is available for interviews.

Cover Finalized. Savage Characters Volume One Coming Soon!


Heather Miller has gotten pretty far with the layout of Savage Characters Volume One. Hoping to publish it to DriveThruRPG in August.

Savage Characters project update

Greetings Dragonlaird Gaming Fans!

Just a quick update on the Savage Characters Volume 1 project.  We’ve had to switch layout designers but are pleased to welcome Heather Miller to our team.  We’re already looking at drafts of covers and layouts.  My new target is to have Savage Characters Volume 1 published to before GenCon in August.

Once this project is up on that site, I can turn my attentions to supporting materials for the settings established in that product.  My primary focus will be Dark Ages and Dragon Gods with the potential to run a series of games in the setting at Origins 2015.

Watch here for sneak peeks of the covers and inside layouts before we unleash these Savage Characters on the world! :)

A Sneak Peek at Dragonlaird Gaming’s Savage Settings

I’ve posted teasers for each of the four settings under development here at Dragonlaird Gaming. Give them a look and let me know what you think. We’ve got:

Dark Ages and Dragon Gods: A faltering Roman Empire is saved by a dragon who sets itself up as their new god. Orcs press westward, a boy king takes the Gaulish throne, and the Fey races are challenged to emerge from their homes in the Black Forest and Alps.

Haunted West: Magic and Supernatural Science challenge explorers and treasure-hunters in the Early American West.

Soul Crimes: What happens when gangsters running a thoroughly corrupt New York City start facing true Evil from Beyond?

Theta Ships and Iron Men: The Brits discovered our way to the stars and the Royal Stellar Navy now deal handle diplomacy and trade with beautiful and ugly alien races, protecting human colonies, and fighting across the stars.