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New Content! Free article about doing more with Trappings in Savage Worlds

You can use your trappings with your powers, but what about your skills? Your edges? Your attributes? Really make your spell-caster distinctive with these easy tips.

Trappings! Article

Quick update…

Hey, quick update. Too much time has passed since my last update (mea culpa). A lot has been going on.

I’ve continued collaborating with SPQR Games, starting a series of adventures, each one focused on a different archetype from the setting. I’ve completed Spy and Assassin so far.

I’ve also been working another setting, SAINTS and Synners, which released a Jumpstart with the release of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. The setting is basically a Suicide Squad Space Opera. I rewrote the JumpStart adventure and playtested it at Origins this year and two more times. I think it is quite a thrill ride.

I published a few articles with High Level Games last year (“3 Keys to Building a Savage Character”, “3 Keys to Taking on a Mastermind”, “3 Key Sources of Disaster”, “3 Ways of Love and Drama”, “4 Ways Battles Get Weird”)

So the writing and gaming continues at Dragonlaird Gaming. I haven’t been publishing new products as I’d expected by now but I am enjoying writing for other settings, writing articles for Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, and running games in my own Dark Ages and Dragon Gods.

Until next time…

Savage Characters Volume 1 Hardcover Available!

And now the hardcover print-on-demand format version is available. We’re very pleased to be able to put Volume 1 on our gaming shelf in this elegant hardcover next to our other Savage Worlds resources. Check it out at DriveThruRPG.

Love and Drama in your RPG

Actually posted on Valentine’s Day, here is my latest blog High Level Games Blog

The Time for Infinite Galaxies is here!

Hey, check out this Kickstarter for Infinite Galaxies. I’ve played it a couple times and its an easy, Apocalypse-Engine based game to enjoy one shot or even campaigns of science fiction pulp tropes and adventures. I’ve backed it and recommend you do as well. — Jim

Another year of Gaming the Movies!

It’s been almost 10 years (wow!) since I started writing my Gaming the Movies for the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine! 51 columns have been published so far with several more on the way. Most recently, I’ve tackled TV shows like Hell on Wheels, the Last Ship, Killjoys, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrill, and Longmire. On occasion, future columns will also tackle great comics like great movies.

So cruise on over to KenzerCo, publisher of Knights of the Dinner Table. Check out the web-posted comic strips and all the other cool stuff. I’ve been a subscriber to the magazine for over twelve years and highly recommend that as well.

When bad disasters happen to new heroes…

Time for another blog post from me over at High Level Games.

Masterminds! Mu Ha Ha!

My articles continue on the High Level Games website. The new article is on dealing with Masterminds in a gaming setting. Check it out!

Savage Characters design concepts now on High Level Games website

The good folks over on High Level Games asked me to write some thoughts about the design principles behind Savage Characters Volume 1.

Take a look: 3 Keys to Building a Savage Character.

DLG One Sheets… coming soon!

The minions in the DLG Studios have been busy at more than our Gaming the Movies column in Knight of the Dinner Table Magazine and writing adventures for other settings. We’re creating a line of Savage Worlds “One Sheet” adventures: 2-3 page quick adventures suitable for a night of play or a convention slot. The first four adventures will highlight the DLG Settings first introduced in our Savage Characters, Volume 1.

Last Flight Out – Set in the swashbuckling future of Theta Ships and Iron Men, the crew of a system ship must do everything they can to get spaceborne and reach a Theta Ship before they get stranded on the planet for the rest of their lives.

Come to the Festival – In 1969, the Woodstock Festival gathered 400,000 people together for days of music, drugs, free-thinking, and maybe just a demonic summoning the size the world has never seen. Can our ‘off-duty’ mobsters realize what is happening and put a stop to demons muscling in on their territory? Set in Demon Streets and Made Men where the only ones to stop the evil are the bad guys.

Fall of Alexandria – The Dragon God in Rome is determined to destroy the stores of knowledge in Aegyptian Alexandria. Can our heroes survive the decimation of a city to find and protect the secrets to bringing down the Dragon God? Set in Dark Ages and Dragon Gods.

On the Trail – Sometimes the hardest thing is just to get from A to B. Our posse has to get to Blackwater but first they run into a wagon trail in trouble. Set in Sixguns & Ghost Lands.