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Savage Characters project update

Greetings Dragonlaird Gaming Fans!

Just a quick update on the Savage Characters Volume 1 project.  We’ve had to switch layout designers but are pleased to welcome Heather Miller to our team.  We’re already looking at drafts of covers and layouts.  My new target is to have Savage Characters Volume 1 published to before GenCon in August.

Once this project is up on that site, I can turn my attentions to supporting materials for the settings established in that product.  My primary focus will be Dark Ages and Dragon Gods with the potential to run a series of games in the setting at Origins 2015.

Watch here for sneak peeks of the covers and inside layouts before we unleash these Savage Characters on the world! :)

Call for Artists

The Savage Characters project has hit some choppy waters. The content has been complete but we’re running into issues with the art. Our original artist can now only commit to one quarter of the work so I’m seeking three other artists (one per setting for visual consistency) to contribute to the work. The model is back end royalty rather than fee for work so I’m not looking for established professionals. I’m looking for good artists who are trying to break into the business, who could benefit from exposure in a tabletop RPG product for Savage Worlds. We’re all curious to see what sort of market there is out there for the product and if it is strong, I’ve got a lot of good follow-on ideas.

I’ve posted a summary of the opportunity and terms here: Description

Thanks to everyone for their help in this search!


Welcome to the Nam will be published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group

This weekend I got acceptance from Shane Hensley to publish my Tour of Darkness adventure, “Welcome to the Nam” with Pre-generated Characters, along with a renewal of the setting itself later this year.

Behind the Curtain: Savage Characters

Here’s a draft piece of art from the Savage Characters project. (Copyrighted, do not distribute without attribution: Josh Minto)

Milos Keegan: Scum on the bottom of humanity's shoe

Scum on the bottom of humanity's shoe

Happy New Year!

Greetings to all Dragonlaird Gaming Fans!

Work continues on the Savage Characters project. I’m actually sketching out more and more for each of the four DLG settings that support the four genres which is slowing down the finalizing the characters, adventure hooks, etc. We’ve got half the full drafts complete (Haunted West, Modern Crime/Horror). I’m moving on to the fantasy/historical Earth setting Olde World Revealed and I’m hoping to wrap up full draft text by end of January and then space opera in February.

The project team is moving forward with editing, artwork, rules verification, and layout. I’m hoping to have the product released by early 2Q this year.



Not Dead… Need Better Title

Hey Gang, I’m not dead (yet), just pounded by work travel to point of getting little done on the Savage Characters project. I shall forge ahead though!

Looking for feedback on a better title for my Modern Horror Savage Worlds Setting. I’ve got the working title of Criminal Insanity (mix organized crime/Godfather/The Town genre with Horror twist-genre) but now the setting has become more aware of religion and Hell. Each person sees the evil entities as the demons or devils of their own culture. Priests of different religions discover they actually have powers (if they actually had faith) and the biggest risk is your soul.

Whoever suggests the best name gets credit for it in the book!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


Update: Criminal Insanity

As mentioned before I’m creating four Savage Worlds settings as part of the Savage Characters project I’m working on. One or more of these settings may grow up to be a Plot Point Campaign and more, but that’s later.

The new setting is called Criminal Insanity and mixes life in the criminal underworld of a fictitious modern city with the creeping take-over of evil spirits from another dimension. Thugs, Guns, and Horror for your gaming pleasure.

Progress on Savage Characters!

I finished the “Haunted West” section and have it in the hands of my team for editing, artwork, and Norm-alization. With the new Locations section, we learn a little more about the town of Miasma Springs, the Native spiritual haven called the High Ground, and the mountain lair of Gustavus Klepf, the mad inventor.

I found that creating five characters whose story lines criss-crossed gave me a lot of adventure hook ideas. If the GM so desired, the five Haunted West characters could be the background of a mini-Plot Point campaign themselves.

So with one of the four sections done, I’m planning on getting myself in gear and getting the “Olde World Revealed” section done next. Should be fun. Who doesn’t love our Earth but where it’s the Roman Draconic Church in 1300?

While getting Savage Characters Volume 1 into the PDF marketplace by the end of the year is my deadline, I hope to sprinkle with some free goodies tied into the product like a free character, a mini-adventure, or a piece of fiction exploring one of the four DLG settings.


Say Hello to the Third Herd!

Nine Tour of Darkness pre-gen characters have been posted representing a squad. These boys are fresh ‘in country’ and are 0xp (5xp for Lincoln). These could be used quite easily with the upcoming “Welcome to the Nam” adventure I’m getting proofed for posting by Pinnacle Entertainment as a freebie for Savage Worlds.

Lt. Bill Chaney
PFC Anthony Karloff
PFC Chris Lee
PFC Jim Hitchcock
PFC Joe Campbell
PFC Lincoln Lugosi
PFC Marco Romero
PFC Myron Price
PFC Tommy Craven

Discovering the Weird West

Progress is being made on the Savage Characters product. I’m nearly complete with the “Weird West” section and I’m liking how it is shaping up. The characters have good linkages with each other (if you want to use them) and I’m adding a Locations section to the description of the setting itself. I find myself ‘discovering’ many other characters that we don’t have room for in the first product, but might appear as a follow-up volume or maybe as a freebie here on Dragonlaird Gaming.

For those who haven’t been following this, my Weird West setting and characters use the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules but could be almost trivially ‘ported’ to another supernatural west setting like Deadlands.

More to come soon!